Deciding on Matters of Legal Dispute During the Divorce Process

Someone who has experienced some negative life events may decide it’s time to quit wasting his or her life in ways that cause unhappiness. Staying married after the love has faded and continuous dissatisfaction has set in can be one of those situations. This person may finally tell the spouse that seeing a divorce lawyer is a good idea at this point. An example of one particular firm representing clients ending a marriage can be seen at

Coming to Agreements

In the 21st Century, even when a divorce is contentious, the legal disputes involved usually are handled outside of court instead of being brought before a judge. Lawyers with a firm such as Tulsa Divorce Attorneys & Associates encourage clients to come to agreements on their own or through mediation sessions. Otherwise, the situation gets expensive and can drag on for a long time.

An Example: Child Custody

There may be disputes about asset division, child custody or other matters that must be resolved. Even though the case may not go before a judge, the spouses may still need aggressive legal representation if either stands to lose something extremely important. Consider what happens when one parent wants shared physical custody of the children while the other is demanding full physical custody and only offering weekend visitation. That parent may be planning to move out of the area, so shared custody would thwart that plan.

An Example: Division of Assets

Assets are supposed to be divided equally, but this can be a matter of argument in regard to the specifics. The couple may have purchased an expensive sailboat together but probably don’t want to continue dual ownership after the divorce. Who gets the boat? Do they have to sell it and divide the proceeds? What if one person truly loves that sailboat and can’t stand the idea of parting with it?

In the long run, the main stipulation will be that the other spouse receives a fair share of the combined assets. The spouse who wants to keep the boat may have to concede something else or pay a cash amount equal to half the value of the watercraft.